Corporate risk

It is better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent.

Corporate risk plans

Emergency and evacuation


A qualified specialist will draw up a plan covering possible emergency situations and measures needed to respond to them, including first aid, fire prevention and evacuation.



A qualified specialist will draw up a plan listing the actions and measures to be taken to prevent and control risks to people and property, provide an adequate response to emergencies and ensure that these measures are integrated into the public civil protection system.

Comprehensive security


A technical document written and approved by a Security Director under Law 5/2014 on Private Security, which details the planning, organisation and monitoring of the actions required to implement measures to prevent, protect and reduce the occurrence of all kinds of risks.

Corporate risk

Success stories

Comprehensive security plan

Global comprehensive security plan


The client requires Vestigere to draw up a comprehensive security plan to be used to develop a corporate model allowing the risks present at their centres around Spain to be monitored and minimised. Vestigere was responsible for creating and updating the following documents:

· Employee Safety Training Plan
· Corporate Security Policies and Standards
· Security Department Savings and Investment Plan
· Centre Audit Plan
· Search and selection of security providers


The client did not have a comprehensive security plan in place, so a plan was produced that would allow all of their premises across Spain to be monitored. Training was also provided to employees to improve the implementation and monitoring of the plan.

  • The company’s security departments became more organised and better coordinated.
  • The company’s weaknesses were analysed.
  • The company was made aware of all the possible incidents that may affect it in the future.
  • Financial and energy savings were made.
  • The company’s premises were constantly monitored through improved communication.
Cost €
35.000 €

Self-protection plan


The client wishes to review the existing self-protection plan for one of the buildings they own in the Madrid region in order to draw up and implement a new plan.


The client was unhappy with the security plan that was in place, so Vestigere designed a new plan that better reflected the client’s needs. When the plan was ready, training was provided for all employees and checks were carried out to ensure that each of the teams had implemented the recommendations made. Vestigere produced the documents required and took care of the process for registering the plan with the appropriate authorities.

  • The company will avoid sanctions from the authorities, as it is compulsory to have a self-protection plan in place.
  • The risk of harm to people and property is reduced or eliminated.
  • Financial losses are minimised as appropriate action is taken to avoid harm to people or property.
  • Employees feel prepared for emergency situations, increasing their trust in the company.
Cost €
8.000 €
Emergency and evacuation

Global emergency and evacuation plan


The client contacts the director of Vestigere to commission a series of emergency and evacuation plans for its offices on premises around Spain.


The existing territorial emergency and evacuation plan, which was now obsolete, was replaced by a plan designed by Vestigere and its expert partners. The new plan was far more innovative and better suited to the client’s current needs, as well as complying with the applicable legislation. All employees received training to ensure that the plan was correctly implemented.

  • Employees’ ability to react and respond to emergencies by providing first aid is enhanced.
  • Trained staff make the company less vulnerable to emergencies.
  • Employees are equipped with the technical knowledge required to use equipment.
  • Participation in preventive activities is increased.
  • The impact and severity of any catastrophic event is minimised, avoiding injury, death and financial losses.
Cost € per branch
3.500 €


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At Vestigere, we take a twofold approach to corporate risk management in order to offer a fully comprehensive service. Our intelligence analysts work to predict threats to companies, while our experts help those involved to manage risky situations by providing the relevant training.
Yes. One of our goals is to reduce the negative impacts to companies of failing to implement prevention plans or producing inadequate plans.

Our service helps you to identify and assess potential risks to your company to prevent damage (financial, physical, operational, etc.) or to minimise it where it occurs.

Corporate risk management is a process carried out as part of a company’s strategic planning, which serves to identify and manage potential situations of risk that may affect different parts of the organisation.

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