We analyse and process information to meet our clients’ needs.

Our OSINT (open source) and HMINT (human intelligence) reports are produced by a multidisciplinary team which obtains and analyses information based on a variety of operations adapted to suit our clients´ needs. Thus, allowing our clients to make better decisions in line with their interests, identify possible threats and take advantage of opportunities in a complex global environment. 

Intelligence is a multi-faceted process which offers added value by supplementing data collection with processing and analysis.


  • Location and Background of a specific individual.
  • Online reputation of a user or company.
  • Corporate, managerial and financial situation of a company.
  • Analysis of threats facing a company in the short and long term.
  • Assessment of market trends.
  • Market analysis for marketing campaign launches.
  • Comprehensive strategic, tacit and operational solutions.
  • Planning and implementation of comprehensive preventive security measures.
  • Up-to-date information and monitoring of disinformation.
  • Counterintelligence in response to industrial or economic espionage.
  • Detection of content about brands or products published on social media, negative opinions or confrontational users who may cause a crisis or pose a risk to the company.
  • Prospective analysis to anticipate future events.

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The term has been used in the United States since 1941 to refer to ‘Open Source Intelligence’ or intelligence derived from information available in the public domain, obtained by checking open sources. The process involves a first stage of searching (obtaining and selecting) information, followed by its processing and analysis, in order to acquire useful knowledge applicable to a number of different fields. OSINT is a vital tool for any investigation.


Also known as classic intelligence, HUMINT refers to any information deriving from human sources, whose testimony may provide valuable insight. It is one of the oldest tools used to obtain information. Information acquired via human sources must undergo thorough analysis before it is used for decision-making. 















Digital Footprint

Open Sources (social networks, forums, blogs, etc.) provide an opportunity to explore the trail left by an individual online: their digital footprint.

The Digital Footprint of a person allows us to analyse:

  • Their Location
  • Their activity and digital presence
  • Their interests and relations

By analysing their Digital Footprint, we can produce a 360º picture of any individual, analysing their behaviour, and possible risks or opportunities for an organization.

Digital Screening

This service objective is to analyse the information available on the internet of potential partners, consumers and suppliers. Through a service of Digital Screening we can analyse relations of interests, networks of people, bots and business; allowing the detection of:

  • Potential threats
  • Traces of illicit activities
  • Doubtful behaviours
  • Business background


Digital Survaillance

Monitoring of content published on social networks, press, blogs and other digital platforms generating early alerts on high-risk situations.

Digital Surveillance is a 24/7 service conducted on companies, public figures, institutions or governments, with the use of highly specialized tools.

These tools allow our intelligence analyst to detect:

  • What is said and who says it
  • Activity trends
  • Online Reputation
  • Smear Campaigns
  • Threats and opportunities for the client




Virtual HUMINT

Through the service of Virtual HUMINT we create and develop avatars (virtual identities) to interact with users or people in digital environments

Thanks to Virtual HUMINT, information is collected anonymously in order to:

  • Identify possible threatening actors
  • Establish strategic contacts
  • Relate to groups and environments of difficult access
  • Long-term contact with sources of information
  • Direct contact with targets
Digital Investigation

We can detect behaviours that could be constitutive of cybercrime on digital platforms, specially in social networks. These cybercrimes could be:

  • Cyberstalking or cyberbullying
  • Injury and Slander
  • Sexting

Through different tools, information is obtained that helps to prove a cybercrime is being committed by one or more subjects.

We also offer complementary services, such as Digital Certificates that help to certify the content detected online and the Legal Removal of specific content.



Check our frequently asked questions for answers to your queries. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us

Does VESTIGERE offer intelligence services?

Yes. The services offered by detectives and intelligence analysts are complementary. The team at VESTIGERE includes several intelligence analysts who specialise in assessing, incorporating, analysing and interpreting information to transform it into knowledge. 

For more information, please consult our Intelligence services.

What is the work of an intelligence analyst useful for?

Analysts process and analyses information, turning it into a value-added product which can be used to reduce the degree of uncertainty involved in decision-making. This process is very useful due to the large quantity of information available to us in this modern age: analysts select the most relevant information and interpret it to identify new lines of enquiry.

Is intelligence legal? Isn’t it considered to be spying?

The intelligence activities carried out by VESTIGERE are completely legal. Our analysts conduct OSINT (open source intelligence) which consist in finding and analysing information which is already in the public domain on public records, official gazettes, social networks, blogs, news outlets, etc.

This service cannot be considered spying since the information is obtained using legal methods, either through open sources or through the work of an accredited private detective.

If it’s just a search on social media, why can’t I do it myself?

VESTIGERE works with tools and experts which allow us to find hidden information, reveal new lines of enquiry and streamline searches, and information analysis. Moreover, VESTIGERE intelligence analysts make sure to stay up-to-date with ongoing changes in the world of OSINT intelligence, in order to update the procedures and methods used for obtaining information.

How can I hire VESTIGERE’s services or receive more information?

Call (+34) 91 066 62 62 or send us an email at and our team of experts will study your case carefully at no cost. We will provide you with a customised quote, which you will be asked to sign, along with a confidentiality contract detailing the scope of the investigation, if you decide to accept our quote.

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